Millionaire Blogger Fresh Start Workbook & Planner Guide

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Plan a creative life you love with the help of this 180+ page full-color workbook and planner guide designed specifically for bloggers and writers. This workbook will help you review the past year, figure out what worked and what didn't, help you revisit your core business and blog strategy and purpose, re-discover your niche and target audience, give you assistance with planning a blog style guide, and help you document strategy and results. This amazing workbook and planner guidebook will also help you prioritize with a handy layout, visualize your success and make those positive thoughts a reality, and a robust monthly fresh start will fast become your favorite place to document and plan. Helpful blog and business checklists, along with core values and an open un-dated calendar planner finish this amazing book to get you on your path to success.

Print out the checklists, calendars and strategy sheets as many times as you need.