Author Sales Funnel Course

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Take this new marketing course for authors and use it to impress and provide value to your new email subscribers and readers, sell your books on an automated basis and work your backlist. This is a system I developed for my top clients and is used by NYT and USA Today Bestselling Authors!

I've always said that the money behind book writing lies in 3 major asset areas - your website, your email list, and your ability to write/generate ads for Amazon and Facebook.

This course focuses on your email list.

Let's say you write a book. It's precious. Your best one yet. To you, it's a symbol of everything you hold near and dear to your heart. Probably a book that you've worked on for well over a year. But once it's in the hands of readers and published, it becomes a product. And most independent authors aren’t thinking in terms of building product funnels when they write their books and stories, and that is a costly mistake.

You have an untapped asset lurking that most authors tend to avoid simply due to one major problem: they know how to write great books, but they don't know how to write sales funnels for their book catalog.

Whether you’re writing fiction or non-fiction, brilliant writers who know how to build their catalog around funnels will always make more money directly. You don't want to just sit there behind a screen and hope that all the money you put into advertising your new release works. You're banking on a system that will continually drain you of your funds.

If you want to make a full-time living as an author — and most authors do — opt for something in advertising and marketing a bit more certain and less financially draining. Your email list is one of your top assets. Smart book marketers, if they want to sell any of those book products, arrange them into sales funnels using their email list. And this is not something where you just continually go from product A to B to C. No. This is about delivering value and capturing the hearts and attention spans of people you want to read your words.

Don't just learn about what to write for your sales funnel and why you need one in place for your books - see one in live action and "copy" (not literally, though, c'mon - plagiarism sucks). I'll take you through 3 bestselling author funnels - one in Romantic Comedy (with lots of book products), one in non-fiction (with coaching, speaking, and two book products), and another in romance (a full series with integration of a VIP reader library, also built and designed by yours truly).

Not only will you learn about how to snag traffic but you'll also learn about conversion - and getting people to stay.

I'm going to show you the easy, most non-scammy, non-spammy way to keep your readers interested in what you have to say, while building your sales on all your major book outlets. Use tools like websites, opt-ins, landing pages, Pinterest, social media, and more to promote your book.