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Receive 3 months full-month access to the entire shop of Canva designs, templates, graphic packs, and presets. Now you don't have to choose which template to get - you can have them all! Gives you 90 days of access to the whole shop for creators, an all-access pass to all templates and designs on KerrieLegend.com.

Please allow 1 hour for membership access setup on the server and you will receive your login information shortly thereafter during business hours of Monday - Thursday, 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. MST.

*Does not include course access.


1. Only the purchaser may access the membership portal.

2. Only the purchaser may use and access the digital files therein.

3. No files may be resold, modified and resold, used for resale, distributed, or shared with other parties.

4. Only 1 IP address per membership permitted.

5. Finished file for any project must be .JPG, .GIF, .PNG, .MOV, or .PDF.

6. I reserve the right to review membership order requests to validate billing, verify identity, and check for fraud. I do not allow members in the member portal who are in the business of social media management or design creation services, or serving mass numbers of clientele. This membership is for personal and own business use, and not for multiple client use.